Baseus High Speed In Line Coupler

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Brand : Baseus

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Baseus High Speed In Line Coupler
Available 39.00 AED


Better extend the network cables

100M stable transmission, high speed data transmission

Stable clips design, hard to loosen, good for firm connection

Micro-frosted texture fro anti-scratch

  • JOIN 2 CABLES – The RJ45 joiner in-line coupler provides a female to female feed through connection so you can connect two cables together
  • LONG RANGE – Extend your network cables by up to 100 metres by adding a second ethernet cable with this RJ45 joiner
  • HIGH SPEED – Don’t let your speed be affected, you can still have a Gigabit ethernet speed of up to 1000Mbps
  • STRONG CONNECTION – Constructed with connection clips that lock your ethernet cables into place for a more secure connection. The transmission will not be interrupted
  • REINFORCED SHIELDING – Both connectors have reinforced metal shielding to stop any electromagnetic interference
  • QUALITY MATERIAL – The exterior is covered with micro-frosted texture to protect the ethernet joiner from scratches
  • GAMING AND STREAMING – Just what you need for gaming or streaming movies, don’t let a joiner be the cause of your buffering, lagging or slow speeds
  • STRONG MATERIAL – Covered in ABS material, the ethernet joiner is designed to protect from scratches and scrapes
    COMPATIBLE – Works perfectly with CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6 or CAT 6e cables

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