Nintendo Switch Charging Dock For Controller

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Nintendo Switch Charging Dock For Controller
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Specifications: • Design for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con & Pro Controller • Charging 4 Joy-Con or 1 Pro Controller and 2 Joy-cons at the same time. • Input Voltage: Type C 5V DC • Charging Current: 500mA*4 • Materials: ABS Inclusion: 1pc Charging Dock 1pc Charging Cable

Docking Station for Nintendo Switch - You can charge 4 joycons at the same time, or 2 joycons and a pro controller, OR you can even have 2 joycons plus the switch docked on here to play in tabletop mode. Sturdy and Cool - Charges and holds your JoyCons and Pro Controller in place with a cool light indicating. It charges controllers quickly. Charge Indication - The lights indicate if the controllers are charged or not. The light bar is red at charging,fully charged or empty is green. Easy to Use - No longer will you have to slide the joycons carefully into the switch as it wobbles in its dock Extra USB port could be used for your phone, PC, or other electronics. Buil in IC Chip - So when the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons upgraded,Joy-Cons Charging Dock can still be used for the upgraded edition,IC chips also be more safe for the built-in batteries.

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