HORI TAC GRIP Tactical Assault Commander Grip Controller -Type G1 for PS4 / PS3

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Brand : Playstation

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HORI TAC GRIP Tactical Assault
Available 549.00 AED


  • PC-style mouse and Gamepad Control
  • Optimized for FPS games
  • Fully Programmable with adjustable settings and profiles
  • Gives users the best of both worlds
  • Touch Pad included
  • Fully compatible with PS3 / PS4 / PC
  • Additional Buttons: Snipe, Quick Move, Walk
Enjoy FPS with a mouse Recommended for those who are used to moving characters with an analog stick! You can assign buttons to the top 5 buttons and direction keys and set each sensitivity. Equipped with FN function, it can be operated as a button of different function by [FN selection button]. The grip can choose the operation style. 1 pad style, 2 bands in handy cam style, 3 axes fixed as an axis, 4 knee style EDGE 101 (optical gaming mouse) available (recommended with high DPI)

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