Promate Wireless Keyboard and Mouse-C 2.4Ghz Cordless Multimedia Keyboard Combo, Premium US

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Promate Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Available 120.00 AED


Wireless Working Freedom:
ProCombo-6 features a compact, tactical keyboard and high-precision mouse to provide wireless working freedom in any environment using one USB nano receiver that offers a seamless and lag-free wireless connection.

Full-Sized Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse:
The ergonomically designed keyboard boasts tactical keys for smooth typing with all the features of a normal keyboard along with a number pad for any number entry and all the shortcut and media keys for added comfort and productivity.

Smart Keyboard Layout:
The full-sized, ergonomic keyboard boasts all tactile keyboard keys with 12 multimedia group functions (FN + F keys) for added productivity. They provide instant access to applications like music playback control and web browsing.

Dual Connectivity with USB-C and USB-A:
Flexibility comes in different shapes and sizes, in this case, it comes in two, USB-C and USB-A. Whether you want to use the laptop on modern-day Type-C laptop, or you want to plug into your desktop workstation at work, it will be very easy and convenient.

2-in-1 Nano Receiver:
The nano receiver is the ideal modern-day solution, it provides you with both a USB-A and a USB-C while maintaining the full capabilities of your desk space thanks to the small size of the receiver. Just plug in the preferred USB interface.

High Sensitivity and Compact Mouse:
The high-accuracy mouse provides quicker response time with sensitive clicks and accurate tracking with adjustable DPI of up to 1600 using the advanced optical sensor. It tracks flawlessly on any surface.

Auto-Sleep Function:
Built-in auto-sleep function saves the battery when the keyboard and mouse are idle to prolong the battery life. You will be able to keep using the mouse for long periods of time without having to reach for the batteries often.

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