3 Wheel Scooter for Kids Kick Scooter with Anti-Slip Deck Kids Tricycle 3 in 1 Toddler Balance Bike Scooter Ride On Toys (Blue)

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Nadle 3 in 1 Sccoter
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  • ★ BALANCE BIKE for 2 3 YEAR OLD: for 2 year old toddler,this firstly is an interesting ride on toys. Not too small,also not big under the lowest setting.just suitable size .It is good as a training aid and helps your kids to grow foot strength in movement.
  • ★ TRICYCLES for 3 4 YEARS OLDS: the toddler grow up with strength.so help them with pedal equiped .let them have freshness and new fun out of this bike.Under this mode,please widen the rear wheel's distance which is helpful in running (note: the pedal hiddend in the storage compartment. please also slide the pedal clutch to have the pedal working)
  • ★ SCOOTER for 3 YEARS OLD and UP: with kids spurt growing in this stage, a scooter is a seemingly "necessary" . with the transforming button, it comes true .And with its adjustable handle, your kids will not out grow it for long years
  • ★ PERFECT GIFT for BOYS and GIRLS: In all, its versatile design meets toddler's growing demand .Durable and easy to use. it can be used indoor and outdoor. we hope it will be a surprice gift and bring happiness to your boys and girls at their birthday or at Christmas

3 In 1 Tricycle Children's Balance Bike

Sliding Balance Bike Mode:
when toddler doesn't have good balance ability and not tall enough to pedal the bike. we recommend using this balance bike mode

Pedal Tricycle Mode:
Take out the pedal from storage compartment,install the pedals and widen the wheels distance. baby drives the tricycle forward with feet. Train baby to learn to steer (please do not forget to slide the pedal clutch to have the pedal working)

Scooter Mode:
Click the transform button and rotate the body to have it, in this mode, we suggest you store the pedals back

Why nexace 3 In 1 Tricycle?
Compare to normal baby tricycle, our kids tricycle is specially designed to satisfy multifunctional purpose Parents do not need to invest several single form of "bikes"or "scooters"or ride on toys Your kids will also be very active and love cycling at very early age with different modes. With quality build and smart design, this toddler ride on toys meet both demand of parents and kid

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