Promate Mini Display Port to HDMI

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Brand : Promate

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Promate Mini Display Port to HDMI
Available 59.00 AED


Tech Specs

Input Video Signal

5 Volts p-p (TTL)

Maximum Single Link Range


Output Video


Input Connector

Mini DisplayPort Male 20pin

Output Connector

HDMI Female Type A 19pin

Vertical Frequency Range



No External Power Source Needed

The iView.HDMI is as simple as it gets. The Display Adapter does not need an external power source to work. Just Plug into your devices and it will automatically power up itself. No extra power cables and power adapters required.

Easy as Plug and Play

The Promate iView.HDMI Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter allows you to connect your TV, computer, tablet, monitor, and other HDMI A devices to a Mini DisplayPort compatible device such as MacBook’s, iMacs, and MacBook Pros with ease. Just Plug the iView.HDMI and you are ready to experience life on the larger screen.

Slim, Sleek and Elegant Design

The iView.HDMI has a slim and sleek design. Ergonomically designed treads ensure a secure grip for easy plugging and unplugging. Even more, the cable’s low-profile connector doesn’t get in the way of adjacent computer ports, and its molded strain-relief design promotes long-lasting durability.

Display Resolution of Up to 1080p

The iView.HDMI can support a display up to 1080 Pixels i.e. 1920 X 1080 resolution and is ideal for your office, home entertainment, conference rooms, trade shows and more. Forget your old small screens and make life larger with Big Screens.

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