Huawei Watch GT2e 46mm Smartwatch, GPS, Black Stainless Steel Case with Graphite Black Band

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Brand : Huawei

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Huawei Watch GT2e 46mm Smartwatch
Available 599.00 AED


Camera Feature: No
Brand: Huawei
Smartwatch Type: Smartwatch
Band Closure: Buckle
SIM Size: No SIM
Operating System: Huawei OS
Electronics Storage Capacity: 4 GB
Material: Fluoroelastomer
Display Type: AMOLED
Wireless Connectivity Type: Bluetooth
Model Name: GT2e
Water Resistance: 50 Meters
GPS Feature: Yes
Ram Size: 16 MB

Play music on the go:

Play music directly with your Huawei watch get 2e, after pairing it with Bluetooth earphones. Up to 500 songs, it can store your favorite music to enrich your workout, with no strings attached.

Sleek and stylish:

The durable stainless steel frame of Huawei watch get 2e pairs flawlessly with the colorful fitness straps, for a comfortable grip. The 1.39-inch AMOLED had display and multitude of invigorating watch faces, keep you plugged in to your world. With fun designs to spare, it never leaves your arm bare!

Play for 2 weeks:

Kirin a1, Huawei's first self-developed wearable chip, which ensures high operation performance and incredibly low power consumption. Dual-chip design and power saving algorithms 2.0 ensure Huawei watch get 2e consumes less energy to achieve astonishing power for all day and night support. This smart watch automatically optimizes the power consumption for a longer lasting battery.

Spo2 monitoring:

Blood oxygen saturation (spo2) is one of the important vital signs that can reflect the oxygen supply of the body. In fact, very low levels of spo2 can result in serious symptoms like lack of energy, fatigue and light-headedness. Huawei watch get 2e supports single-time spo2 level measuring, helping us detect the level of oxygen in the blood whenever and wherever we need.

Real-time heart rate monitoring:

Huawei truseen is now upgraded to version 3.5 to provide a more efficient and accurate real-time personal measurement of your heart rate. Coupled with the intelligent ai heart rate algorithm, it monitors your heart rate throughout the entire day, even while you are swimming.

Release your stress:

All-day stress monitoring and all day care for your health by Huawei trurelax. Breathing training (app end) releases stress and adjusts state at the right time.

Start as you move:

Being attentive and intelligent in a whole new way! Just go about your normal workout, and the watch will automatically detect it, then start tracking your activity with one tap. Now available for six common workout modes of indoor/outdoor running, indoor/outdoor walking, elliptical, and rowing.

85 custom workout modes:

Inspire the senses, and indulge your passions - from the familiar to the far-flung! With the newly added 85 custom workout modes, you can explore the new adventure of rock climbing, park our, street dancing, or skateboard that moves you... It's all on hand!

15 professional workout modes:

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Huawei watch get 2e provides precise and real-time tracking data for 15 professional sports including climbing, running, swimming and cycling. It supports both GPS and glonass positioning systems, for meticulous route-tracking during outdoor workouts.

Wear your everyday look on the wrist:

With various watch face designs, Huawei watch get 2e turns your wrist into a seamless tapestry of light, color, and motion. You can even customize the data and information with heart-rate, steps, weather and others. Only what you care matters.

Raise your hand for a quick shot:

Turning into a remote shutter of your phone, Huawei watch get 2e help you to easily capture memorable moments on the move or from special angles with the pre-set 5 seconds timer.

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