EA Sports UFC 4 (PS4)

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EA Sports UFC 4 (PS4)
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Key features

  • Step into the world of MMA fights for the fourth time in the EA Sports UFC
  • Experience an even better MMA fighting with all the realism and brutality of this sport.
  • Create your own career and shape your legend as the ultimate MMA fighter.
  • Enjoy new venues – both indoor and outdoor.
  • Test your fighting skills against the other UFC 4 players all around the world in the Blitz Battles

The fourth installment of the series

The game does not really differ too much from its predecessors, although the developers’ progress is quite visible in terms of the gameplay, fighting mechanics, animations, and, of course, graphics. 

UFC 2020 Fighting Game

This time EA Sports focus even more on imitating the realism of the brutal MMA fights, although they claim that it is a bit easier for the newcomers to the series. Maintaining the high-level of the most demanding matches for the true veterans of the UFC games, the developers also wanted to encourage all the new players to test their skills in this popular MMA fighting simulator.

The gameplay

Some elements of the gameplay, meaning the fights themselves, have got a solid overhaul. The developers provide the players with a set of improved and/or changed moves and fighting techniques to learn and master. Apart from the mechanics, the fights were also improved with adding Real Player Motion to more types of moves, such as clinches and takedowns.

EA Sports UFC 4

Ground and Pound technique has also got overhauled, meaning more control for those in the posture-up situations. The striking fighter gets more options to aim and hit their laying opponents. On the other hand, the defender also has some new tricks to use in his position, like new head movement or even counter-transmissions (if timed well).

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